As an activist/public artist, I’ve spent two decades working to drive systemic change. But when COVID hit, I found myself sheltering-in-place with my kiddos, feeling utterly powerless. We decided to heal ourselves by adopting two Russian Blue kittens.

One day, as we watched Des and Das shred a cardboard scratcher, my daughter grumbled: “Mama, I so wish we could scratch 2020.” With that spark, our humble kitchen table business was born.

During these challenging times, we’re dedicated to supporting change agents and our heroic front-line workers, donating to COVID relief, cat rescues, and the progressive causes you care about with Every. Single. Scratch. While your cat is having a BLAST, know that you’re helping us create the world that lives up to your ideals.

Onward. Onward. Onward

Jacq Sig
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The photo above shows our founder’s public art installation, Mylar for Disco Not Deportation at Women’s March, Chicago. Jacqueline is a single mom, artist, author, social entrepreneur, community organizer, ‘nasty woman,’ and unapologetic activist. She applies creative thinking to seemingly intractable real-world challenges, building coalitions, movements, and digital platforms that drive civic engagement and create systemic change.

Cardboard Separator